What is KORU Mindfulness?

Koru Mindfulness is an evidence-based curriculum specifically designed for teaching mindfulness, meditation, and stress management to juniors and seniors in high school, college students, and adults.

KORU Basic:

Koru Basic provides an introduction to mindfulness and meditation. This foundation course is taught as a weekly, 75-90 minute class over four weeks by a Koru certified teacher. Classes meet via Zoom in a small group format. There is an accompanying book and free App that go with the course. Teachers provide guidance throughout the week via the Koru App. Research has shown that students who take Koru Basic feel calmer, sleep better, are more mindful and less likely to judge themselves harshly.

FEE: $275

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Koru for Teens and Young Adults:

This is the same Koru Basic course with an emphasis on issues unique to this age group. This class teaches teens and young adults how to train their brains to pay attention differently to help them deal with stress and difficult emotions. In this small class setting, students often share similar struggles with their peers allowing them to feel supported and less critical of themselves.

FEE: $275

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Koru Introduction 1-Hour Workshop:

This workshop provides introductory fundamentals of mindfulness and meditation. Participants will also learn 1-2 practices from the Koru curriculum. Maximum of 50 participants. Fee: $350.


Why is the program called “KORU”?

“Koru” is the New Zealand Māori word for the spiral shape of the unfurling fern frond. The word literally means “looped” or “spiraled”, but the shape symbolizes harmony or balanced growth, representing layered growth around a stable center. The beautiful shape of the koru found in nature reflects perfectly the kind of growth that class participants experience as they begin to develop a mindfulness practice for themselves.

How is KORU Mindfulness different from other mindfulness training programs?
  • Mindfulness meditation, as well as stress-management skills, are taught
  • A concise 4 session course to accommodate busy schedules
  • Highly structured class with recommended 10 minutes daily mindfulness practice and mindfulness log which provides ongoing teacher support between sessions
  • Taught in small groups that allow for a sense of connectedness
  • Active teaching to address skepticism and build motivation
  • Free use of Koru Mindfulness app to support and enhance one’s practice
  • Classes taught by 4 experienced mental health professionals who bring years of clinical expertise and knowledge to their teachings
  • Koru Alumni are invited to free one hour classes, which are offered several times throughout the year