Welcome to Koru Mindfulness LI

Welcome to Koru Mindfulness LI

For years, the three of us have known each other through a number of professional collaborations. Our group is made up of two clinical psychologists and a child & adolescent psychiatrist. Each of us on our own had discovered the power of mindfulness to be transformative in our own lives and were at different stages of cultivating our practices and teachings.

In the summer of 2017, we happened to all participate in a 3-day training program to learn how to teach mindfulness to teens. We quickly formed a strong bond as we shared our passion to learn more about mindfulness, and were excited to bring these practices to our clients, patients, staff, and communities.

The following summer, we came together again for the Koru Mindfulness training program, which sealed the deal. Our love of mindfulness and desire to teach grew stronger, as did our friendships. We knew we wanted to get this project off the ground.

Since the fall of 2019, we have been teaching Koru mindfulness classes and having much success and fun doing it. Now we are excited to launch this website where we will post information about classes and other offerings.

Our goal is to teach the basics of mindfulness meditation and other practices to give you the skills to alleviate stress AND increase joy in your lives. We hope that by doing so we can help you improve the quality of your life and contribute to a more peaceful world, especially during these unprecedented times.

With practice, mindfulness teaches us how to calm our mind and body. This, in turn, enables us to make choices with clarity and wisdom while learning to be more compassionate to others and ourselves. It is our strong belief that mindfulness is a way of being and certainly a way to enhance your life.


Tony, Barbara, and Kristin